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Product Overview:

Organifi's seasonal top-selling partner product is back for the Fall!

Consider this your new nightly brew, combining medicinal mushrooms, restorative herbs, and warm spices in every beautifully-smooth sip.

It’s a golden ticket to restorative relaxation and calm reflection, giving your body and brain nutrients to support lower stress and better rest.

It’s everything you love about the flavor of a pumpkin spice latte, without all the mean caffeine, sneaky sugars, and bloat-inducing dairy.

A mindful alternative to beverages prone to spiking insulin


If you haven't promoted Organifi, jump in quick! It did $2.30 epc for me, and I've been getting high ctr's on the email swipes they provided. Nicely done!

~Daniel Toh 

I personally love the Organifi product - so promoting it for the launch was a no-brainer. My list appreciated it - so I also added it to my back-end via evergreen emails and customer follow-ups. A great, high quality, physical product with recurring commission potential. A perfect fit. 

~Joey Atlas 

The Organifi product is an EASY sell to many people. Something that offers more health, energy and vitality - and is 100% SAFE and NATURAL - is a great thing is today's modern, polluted world where people are tired, sick and lethargic. One thing Organifi highlights is that big chunks of cash can be made much easier with HIGH-TICKET price products than they can with $10 eBooks. You don't need to do that many sales for Organifi before you're quickly making THOUSANDS in commissions. Well worth promoting regardless of who is on your list! 

~Adam Armstrong 


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Better nights begin here:

Green Juice:

The 30 second morning routine that ensures you have everything you need to win the day.

Enjoy 11 of the World’s healthiest superfoods (Ashwagandha, matcha green tea, turmeric, lemon juice and freeze dried coconut water… to name a few) for daily nutrition and healthy weight goals in one delicious morning drink)

Everyone wants to

Feel energized the minute they wake up…

Have their little aches and pains from inflammation go down..

Just plain feel good for the whole day…

Feel motivate to workout an live healthier…

Herbalist-formulated, containing 12 clinically-studied superfoods and adaptogens

Ingredients like turmeric (antioxidants to counterbalance inflammation), ginger (herbal immune support for the win!), and lemon balm (literally known as “The Calming Herb”)

Gold Pumpkin Spice:

If you wake up wishing you had more energy..

If your digestion just isn’t running as smoothly as it once was..

Your hardest-working organ might be at the root of it all…

Meet your liver’s new best friend!

Milk Thistle (researchers believe that milk thistle can help reduce damage to the liver caused by free radicals)

Featuring Nature’s four strongest liver boosting superfoods

Artichoke leaf extract (these can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and can protect your liver from damage and promote the growth of new tissue)

Dandelion Root (Helps support healthy levels of inflammation and may reduce levels of excess fat stored in the liver)

Liver Reset:

 Triphala (Helps eliminate toxins via the gut and colon and in turn, prevents bad bacteria and toxins from making their way to the liver)

This formula can help support your energy levels… digestion… skin and aging… even your hormone health and metabolism.

Organifi’s Top Selling affiliate product!

Gold is a delightful adaptogenic cocktail made up of some of our world’s most powerful (and delicious) ingredients, designed to literally help you R&R

Made of ingredients like Tumeric, Lemon Balm, Reishi Mushroom, and ginger, gold is designed to support relaxation, recovery and repair, while providing a delicious evening tea.

 Promotes healthy response to stress

This scientifically-backed formula…

 Helps support calmness

 Helps promote restfulness and restful sleep.

Organifi Gold: